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The goal of the expedition is to put at least one personon the top of Hidden Peak, Himalaya - 8.068 meters above the sea.

Ascending Hidden Peak is one of the most trying achievments, a challenge against the forces of weather and reduced conditions.

The expedition started May 31, and will return to Sweden August 2nd 1997. This is the first Swedish attempt of the mountain.
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Hidden Peak
Hidden Peak, Himalaya
also called Gasherbrum I or K5
Height: 8 068 meters, Longitud:° 76 42' E, Latitud 35° 43' N. Pakistan

Johan and Magnus have reached the top of Hidden Peak!

Parts from a press release 97-09-07

Historic day!

Two Swedes, Johan Åkerström from Sundsvall and Magnus Rydén from Stockholm reached at 12.13 am (Swedish time) the top of the worlds 11th highest mountain: Hidden Peak. They are the first Scandinavians to reach the summit. The mountain is one of the more difficult one to climb, and only 30 people have previously reached the top. It is also one of the least documented mountains.

Johan and Magnus are now on their way back down to Camp II where they will rest before continuing down towards the basecamp. They will stay at the basecamp until July 18 to acclimitise themselves. Following that they will begin the hike back to Skardu. They are expected to return to Sweden August 2.

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" Fixed a solder with a hook from a scale", "stomach flu and sleeping problems - party in the neighboring tent", "Midsummer at 5950 m.", "Surprised by avalanche", "The most difficult I've ever experienced...", "500 m high wall of ice..." The Japanese corridor", "Snowed in at 6300 m...", "SOS International are standing by with a rescue helicopter", "Tired and out of breath, we finally reached the top", "Can't find our way back"


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Early morning at Hidden Peak
Early morning at Hidden Peak

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Departure May 31 from Arlanda International Airport
Departure May 31 Arlanda International Airport

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At this website you can follow the expedition "live" via satellite. Satellite

Images, text and sound are continously transmitted via satellite. (starting during June '97)
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