Early morning in the basecamp
A "virtual copy" of the mountain has been created by Teknikhuset in cooperation with ProTECH AB. At this page you can read about how the 3D-model or "virtual copy" was made and you can also find computer rendered 3D images based on the model.

Plaster model

During the preparation of the Hidden Peak Expedition, an architect created a model of the mountain. This model is made out of plaster and its size is apx. 70*70 centimeters. The model was created with help from contour lines that exists on different maps of the mountain. The contour lines were cut out of the map, then a pasteboard copy of the contour lines was created. When all the contour lines were cut out, they were glued together and finally covered with plaster.

The model has been used during the preparation of the expedition, for presentations and exhibitions.

Plaster model
Plaster model


When the plaster model was finished, ProTECH AB digitized the model using a 3D-scanner. The scanner read all 3 dimensions of the model and generated an array of 3D-coordinates. From the array ProTECH created 3D-splines that represent the surface of the mountain.


Microscribe 3D-Scanner

Wireframe model of the Gasherbrum-area

Solid model with surface structures


The 3D-splines was converted to Kinetix 3D Max compatible data at Teknikhuset i Umeň. From that data, the skeletton of the 3D computer model was created. In order to enhance the realism of the 3D-scene, Teknikhuset added atmosphere, textures, clouds, sky, snow, ice and cameras to the model. When all these ingrediences are in place, the camera can be moved around in the "virtual copy" of the mountain, the weather conditions altered, the time of day can be changed etc. An "infinite" number of images can be produced from the 3D scene.

Postproduction in 3D Max
Postproduction in 3D Max

Here is a sample image:

Image 1: The Gasherbrum area, seen from space.
Image 1: The Gasherbrum area, seen from space.

Image 1:

BC (basecamp) - 5 150 m
C1 - 5 950 m
C2 - 6 300 m
C3 - >7 000 m
C4 - >7 100 - 7 300 m

Hidden Peak: 8 068 m.÷.h
First attempt for to reach the top: apx. Juli 20:th

Using this technique we have produced a number of images. They are available in our


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