To complete a expedition of this size The Swedish Hidden Peak Expedition is required to bring along 1.5 tons of equipement.

The expedition will be bringing along both mutual and their own equipement. The equipement exist of the following items:

Clothes (everything from underwear to gloves, outdoor clothes, caps and shoes) , for as well as warm weather and longer hikes, to clothes that are suitable for extreme cold alpine climbing, mattresses, climbing shoes (3 different types).

Iron-ladders, ice-ax mid-size+short, skipoles, harness, holster for ice-ax, helmet, headlight with reseve kit, sunglasses, backpack, snowshoes, skiis, wire ladders, snow anchor, snow sticks, snow sticks for tent, ice screw, bolts, wedges, climbing rope, rope.

Compass, altimeter, watch with alarm, satallite telephone, cameras, film, objectives, camera stand, binoculars, pocket knife, water bottle, urinary bottle, necessaries, wash towels, first-aid kit, sun block, skin lotion, base-camp tent, tent for higher camps, 6 high camp kitchen sets, 6 pots and pans, water filter, tools, fine tread, luggage, bags, hand shower, sewing kit, medicine (*)

5 snow shovels, 2 propane lamps, 1 propane kitchen, kitchen equipement, large water containers, tarpualin, walkman, different maps, PC laptop computer, digital video camera, penn and paper, passport, travel plans, different documents.

(*) Example of different medicines: Penecillin, drip, aspirin, medicines for the eyes, stomach, mouth/throat and pain, antiseptic, disinfectants, sun-block, anti-mosquito preparation, creams for yeast infection, liniment, vitamines, compressants, thermometer, nail cutter, scissors, knifes, scalpel, syringes, bobby pins, different types of bandages, sterile wipes and tejp.

Internet and satellite telephone

The expedition has brought along technique to communicate with each other and the rest of the world. On the mountain traditional telephone connections can not be found and normal cellular phones donot work - instead the expedition uses a satallite telephone. The satellite phone communicates via satellites, which functions as a "mirror" for the phone signal, this works all over the world - at any height. The phone is not dependant of a specifin network or nearby mobilphone masts. The phone is used for normal communication but also for communication between computers.

Satellite downlink

From the mountain down to this internet server... Computer communication via a satellite telephone exists of messages in the shape of text and sound and digitalised pictures. Pictures are taken with a digital camera which is connected to a portable computer. Before the picture is sent it has to be compressed not to take up more transfer capacity than necessary. All pictures are documented with date, time, position etc. The computer is connected to the satellite-telephone via a traditional modem. The reciever in sweden is a ordinary internet pool which is connected with this web- and mail server. The material that is sent here is coded as usual e-mail packages and decompressed in a normal manor. When the material reaches our internet department it is down loaded onto these pages.

Messages to the expedition from around the world... The expedition is dependant on information from amoungst others SMHI (weather reports). Material that is going to be sent to the expedition is sent to our internet department via e-mail, fax, or regular mail, once arrived it is down-sized. During the following connection (which is initiated by the expedition), the material is sent to the expedition. Messages can exist of text, as well as sound or even pictures.

Data via satellite
Messages are send from the expedition via satellit

GPS - Global Positioning System

The expedition has brought along a GPS- reciever that shows exact position and height. The GPS - modulator makes it easy for the expedition to navigate - it is very lite, high precision and is simple to use. The GPS system use 24 satellites to determine exact position, it can neither be harmed by wind or weather.

If you wish to recieve more information of these transfer techniques contact the expedition supervisor Johan Åkerström or our internet supplier Teknikhuset i Umeå.

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