Here are some of the maps of the area, descriptions of the route, base camp and the route to the summit.

Preliminary route

Map - Askole to the top

Map Askole - Hidden peak summit

Updated 1997-07-01 07:57

Maj 31 Stockholm Airplane  
  Copenhagen Airplane  
  Skardu Bus/Truck/Airplane  
June 6 Askole Trekking Pakistan
  Korophon Trekking Baltoro glacier
  Laskam Trekking  
  Bardumal Trekking  
  Paiju Trekking  
  Urdukas Trekking  
  Gore 2 Trekking  
  Concordia Trekking  
June 20 Hidden Peak Basecamp Acclimatization 5 150 meters
  C1 Camp Climbing 5 950 meters
  C2 Camp Climbing 6 200 meters
  C3 Camp Climbing >7 000 meters
  C4 Camp Climbing apx. 7 100-7 300 meters
  ev. C5 Climbing >7 400 meters
Juli 20 Hidden Peak Attempt for the top 8 086 meters

The route description will be continuesly updated.

Map - Basecamp and the top
Map - Hidden Peak Basecamp and the summit

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