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Climbing Hidden Peak is one of the worlds most arduous achievments, a challenge against the forces of weather and deminished conditions at heights well over 7000 meters. It makes for one of our eras most exciting adventures, to climb Hidden Peak, a 8068 m high mountain without oxygen or carriers is one of our life times greatest challenges. It is a human achievment built upon the individuals will and ability to work in a team. Trust between humans and a personal responsibility. This requires the outmost in regards to equipement and teamwork, which is made possible through participating companies engagement. The Swedish Hidden Peak Expedition 1997 is the first Swedish attempt of the mountain. Internationally only a few have succeded in reaching the top. And for that reason documentation is limited. Which strengthens the adventures unique character..
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The purpose is to professionally develop the great promotional values internally as well as externally, in a way that participating sponsors/companies can obtain the greatest amount of value for their contribution.

The purpose for as well the project members as the sponsors is to participate in one of our lifes greatest adventures.

The expeditions members together with the sponsors are going to test /evaluate new equipement, conduct nutritionalphysiological tests as well as documenting the expeditions procedures for other future Swedish expeditions to the area.
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The goal of the expedition is to put at least one person on top of Hidden Peak 8.068 meters above the sea.

Basic values

Swedish Hidden Peak Expedition 1997 is a venture that is built upon the following important qualitative values:

Safety, the basic ethical values the control this project place safety highest on the list. All participating members have practiced the different types of risks that can occur, and all have experience in handling these risks. We will avoid risks as far as we can yet also make calculations of the risks that need to be taken..
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Responsibility, the climber has immediate resposibility his own life but also that of the other climbers. This requires a great deal of resposonsibility of the project and the basic principles which the project stands for. Responsibility for the broader goals, partial goals, the sponsors and supporters.

Purposefulness, without a sharp focus of the goal one wouldn't even come half-way up, or even leave Sweden! The ability to drive oneself and the others in the team past difficulties one thought were not possible before is crucial. Added to that a great deal of will and endurence to be able to make it all the way.

Performance, the individual physical and psychological achievment at these heights are amoungst the most extreme a human can endure. Conditions are marginal in this oxygen depleted enviroment, the winds can reach up to hurricane forces and the cold can drop below 40 degrees celcius. Most of one energy and health disappeared during the tour to the mountain, resources are minimal, assistance from outside is not to rely on. No one reaches the top without overcoming themselves several times.

Teamwork, without an effective teamwork ones goal can never be reached. A succesful attempt to reach the top is the result of a enormous teamwork carried out by the indiviuals which is fundamental. By using each individuals resources in the best possible way along with everybody being prepared to support each other in a solidaric way towards a common goal. This is a requirement for succes. This requires each person to take responsibility and share a trust, that everyone realizes their own part in relation to the entire teams goal. Likenesses and parallells can be drawn to working in a company are many. Boots

Planning, a expedition to a mountain above 8000-meters requires careful preparations and years of planning. Every thing from financing, equipement, climbing schedule, media / PR and sponsors requires careful planning. A well prepared team can manage improvisations when unexpected events occur.
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Enviroment, the enviromental goals of the expedition are:

- to not leave anything except foot tracks
- not to take anything except
- not to disturb the enviroment in a negative cultural way

The enviromental and cultural goals require that everything we brought to the mountain returns with us, and to contribute to leaving the counrty with as little affect as possible, without risking the safety of any of the expeditions members.

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